Mac OS X El Capitan Suitcase 7 - Missing Original Version 1of8



I am not a suitcase fusion user, but do have a user operating the product which is giving the following error:

We have tried deleting the font and re-adding without luck.
Running font doctor.
I did have a quick look for a fix here…didn’t see it, maybe I missed it. Please help.

Error Message:
Missing Original Version (1of8)
The original version of 8 of the fonts in the current document cannot be found in the Suitcase Fusion database.

Options are: Cancel All, Skip, Previous, Next.

How do you fix this?

Thank you,


Hi Tony,

This behavior (the recurring dialog box) was a known issue with earlier versions of Suitcase Fusion and InDesign. You don’t mention the host application or the version of Fusion your user is on and I would recommend that you make sure your user is on the most recent version (v18.1). You can grab the update via the auto-updater by selecting:

Mac: Suitcase Fusion -> Check for Updates…
Windows: Tools -> Check for Updates…

You can also download the latest installer from our website here:


Thank you for the reply. The user took action.

Apparently changed Universal Type Auto-Activation Preferences to:

Pick the best match when original is missing. Not sure if this will be 100% but the user is happy.

Thank you,