Lost admin password of UTS 5.2 (running on Windows)


Hi all,

We have an older Universal Type Server 5.2 running on Windows Server 2012R2 machine.

I’ve lost the admin password for UTS, so I can’t log in to create new users. I have full admin rights on the OS.

Is there any way to reset the admin password’s account without reinstalling the server and losing all existing user accounts and font data?

Thanks in advance,


Recovery of the Administration password will require assistance by our Priority Technical Support Team. Please contact our team using the toll free number found in your Annual Service Agreement (ASA), or contact them using the link at the bottom of this page.

NOTE - In order to provide support, you will need to by under a current ASA and have access to the server at the time of the call. Also, Universal Type Server 5.x is no longer a supported product. We can assist with resetting the password, but any additional steps you will need to upgrade to the latest version.

Contact Extensis: