Kerning Pairs & Open Type Features


Does Universal Type Client support access to view a fonts kerning pairs and open type features like FontEplorer X Pro dies?


Thanks for your question. Universal Type Client does not view font kerning or open type features. Is there a specific reason you need these features? Are you needing to verify you have the correct font for projects?


It is needed for font evaluation and testing.


How do you typically evaluate fonts? With what program? Are you introducing fonts for comparison in to projects or documents?


I typically evaluate in FontExplorer Pro, however this is my work computer and they are using Universal Type. FontExplorer Pro has a lot of great features for inspecting and testing a font within its font management app. For instance, you can turn kerning on or off, adjusting tracking, view kerning pairs, and basically have access to a lot of typesetting tools that you would normally only have in a program like InDesign.

An example where access to kerning pair info and Open Type features: say you have two versions of a font, one perhaps came with your OS and another you purchased from a type foundry. Viewing the kerning pair info and Open Type features can help evaluate which font is superior for the project at hand.

Another example is that FontExplorer Pro Glyph View is far better, in that you can quickly access different tables of the glyphs. Say you were typesetting a financial report and you required a font with true small-caps, superior, inferior, numerator, denominator, etc. and this can be quickly accessed, viewed and assessed in FXPro.


Thank you for the additional information. This is the type of workflow details I need when submitting information to our development teams for future feature requests. I will pass along your information. Thank you again for your time and information.