Is there a way to associate photo releases to image files?


We’re using Portfolio for our photo library and would like to add the photo release documents to the catalog as well. Is there a way to organize this so the image files can be easily referenced from the releases related to them? Any best practice recommendations?


In what form are the releases held? Is there more than one per document? Does a single release cover more than one discrete photo (file)? Do the photos store the releases as metadata?

There’s insufficient info here to be able to give a steer.


I’m wondering the same thing. Here’s what we’re working with -

**In what form are the releases held? ** Currently they are just paper forms. We’d like to scan and tag them, and link them to the photos somehow. So we don’t have to dig through 1000+ paper documents every time we want to pull one form.
Is there more than one per document? ** Sometimes.
Does a single release cover more than one discrete photo (file)? Sometimes
** Do the photos store the releases as metadata?
How do you do this?


Presumably the releases have a unique number or code. If they do I’d use those as the filename. I’d also add a custom multi-value field (you say some images have >1 release) and then for each photo add the release ID(s) to that field. Add the filed to the QuickFind set-up and simply doing a quickfind on the ID will find you both the release and the (photo(s) associated with it. You could, if you prefer add the ID to Keywords but it seems to me releases are discrete enough to warrant their own field.

Another angle is that for short period releases, such as for children, where the release has an expiry/renewal date to might need to add a custom date field for the release data data.

I suppose the worst edge case is a photo of lots of children where each has their own expiring release.

If you don’t want to scan the releases, at least store the ID and/or where the item is filed so you can ask Portfolio where to go look for the paper documents.

As regards embedding, it is likely Portfolio can’t embed to the filed as it only embeds to a subsection of IPTC fields but you could script something like Bridge to embed this data. If you have NetMediaMAX then you can write custom MediaRich script to embed the data.


I’m late to this post…but I’ve been using a method that works reasonably…similar to Mark’s post…but without NetMediaMax and bit more manual…but doable.
I’m using it for model releases, stock photo license agreements, or invoices that are to be associated with an asset.

  1. Download and install the IPTC-PLUS photo metadata panel for Adobe Bridge.
    This panel gives you access to IPTC Core/Extension and PLUS fields (for licenses) all in one panel.
    Here’s the link:

  2. Give your pdf documents any kind of unique file name.

  3. If it’s a model release pdf, put that filename in the IPTC Extension field named “Model Release ID”…there is room for 4 pdf filenames in this field.

  4. If it’s a license pdf…paste the pdf filename into the PLUS field named “Licensee Transaction ID” There are places for multiple entries here as well.

  5. Put the actual pdf documents in the same catalog as the image or in a separate catalog (i like it separate…and call it administrative docs)

  6. Make a custom field in portfolio and map that field to import metadata from the above used fields.
    In the above cases that would be mappped to** plus:ModelReleaseID **and plus:LicenseeTransactionID

******Note that IPTC is actually using PLUS for some of their fields already…so if you’re not familiar with PLUS…I encourage it because you may have used it via IPTC already.

  1. When you view image metadata in Portfolio and these above fields have a PDF filename…copy and paste that filename into your search bar and up comes the Model Release/License. I do manual copy paste but perhaps there’s a way to script a button to do the query for you.

Its a bit of a workaround…but the Unique PDF filename of your Model release/license will follow your asset if you embedd the metadata. I’ve had issues trying to get Portfolio to embedd into Plus fields…extracting works fine…but I just use bridge for embedding because it’s just way better for that anyhow.

**Here’s what the Adobe Bridge Panel looks like from PLUS. This only works up to CS4 at this time.**http://plus.useplus.org/images/iptcplusscreenshot_wblg.gif