Is every year another $60?


Does anyone know if every year we are going to have to pay an upgrade fee for Suitcase Fusion? I cannot upgrade any of my Adobe apps until I upgrade this one. That is ridiculous!
I am paying a Creative Suite Subscription and I have to use an old version.


Welcome to the gravy train. Extensis have pro customers over a barrel and, judging by the way they dumped a new version on us that was objectively less useful than its predecessor, they’re acting like they know it.
I strongly suggest you do what I’ve done and start researching alternatives.


I would be happy to pay for upgraded auto activation plug-ins….


Sweet! Need my Paypal account?


I won’t say names, but I found an alternative and I’m pretty happy with it, and it’s FREE (I would happily pay for it). It’s a great piece of software, and devs are repying quickly, fixing the app with weekly updates.

My relationship with Extensis was going and coming back for many years, after the latest release and fusion 7 not working just after a few months with the release of CC2018, I’m done.