Integrate with or bulk export to Amazon S3 bucket


We have Portfolio running on a local on-premise server. Our marketing team stores large (typically psd) files in catalogs.

I’m looking for a good way to export photos in a specific catalog to an Amazon S3 bucket to serve to a website. Portfolio would need to convert to a large jpeg and maybe even customize the image name.

Is there a way to do this in bulk? I played with the REST API a bit but wanted to see if there’s an existing solution before trying to roll our own.



:mage: Greetings , Matt !

As you mentioned , using the Portfolio REST ( or SOAP ) API is the best method. Your development team will be able to use whatever language ( Python , PHP , Java , C# , etc. ) they are most comfortable with and note that the Extensis ICS Team offers personalized API assistance , should your development team wish to expedite their project.

Also – In the future – you should post Portfolio API related querys in the API section of the forum ( https://forums.extensis.com/c/digital-asset-management/portfolio-api-developer-community )…