Installation hand-holding


After having terrible performance with the free trial, I’ve been turned off the product because the sales team offered installation help at the rate of $1000 for four hours. Basically the desktop client would never finish importing the images, and would hang for days on end.

We’re looking for someone who really knows LightRoom and the best practices to get LR and Portfolio sharing metadata safely. We’ve got around 60,000 images, we’re all mac-based, just need a way for a small workgroup on a LAN to access images and edit basic metadata like captions and keywords.

Any freelancers our there who could consult on this project? Pls contact doug {at} woodstock sanctuary [dot] org.



Sorry to hear that you had installation troubles. I’m surprised that a sales rep quoted you remote services just to get the product installed. If you contact our support team: extensis.com/support/
they can assist you with the initial setup.

Once it’s set up, we can look into working with Lightroom metadata in Portfolio.