Individually editing a description for an asset after upload


It is possible to individually edit an assets ‘description’ once it has been uploaded to Extensis? Every time I have attempted, it has reformatted each of the photos labeled with the same date with the same description.

In alternative words: Is the initial upload the only way to change a description for a single asset?


Hi williajo,

You should certainly be able to add or change a description after the initial upload for any asset in Portfolio. Simply enter in (or edit the existing text) and click the Submit button under the field. Can you explain a bit more about the behavior you are seeing? Does Portfolio allow you to enter the text? Does the text then disappear upon returning to the thumbnail?


Thank you for your reply. Portfolio allows me to enter text but it will then transfer the text and apply it to all the assets with the same date. For example if I put the word ‘Summer day’ under an asset with the date 20150304, then it would also show up in the description to each asset with 20150304.


Hi williajo,

Portfolio should only edit the metadata for a selected asset. Unless you are selecting multiple assets, then the description should only be editable for that one asset. Is it possible you are applying the description to a multiple selection?

If this continues to be an issue, I recommend contacting Extensis Technical Support at the link below: