Indesign "Missing Original Version" message on open: How to fix?



Using Indesign 2017

MacOS Sierra

Suitcase Fusion:

When I open an Indesign file, I get:

But it appears as though the font loads.

I did notice when I change a paragraph style from “Normal” to “Book”, that message goes away. But the font family has both “Normal” and “Book” as options, so I don’t get why that would make a difference.

Anyone have tips on how to fix?



If the document was created in an older version of InDesign and opened in this one, it’s possible that the FontSense information wasn’t read correctly. If you save a copy of the document and re-open the copy, does Suitcase correctly auto-activate BentonSans?

I would recommend contacting Technical Support so that we can help you figure out what’s going on.


Ahhhh, that must be it! I think I did create the document in the previous major version of Indesign. I will re-create the document and start from there.

I have not tried saving a copy. I will try that too.

Thanks so much!