InDesign and Suitcase 5


everything works fine but when using InDesign CC and Suitcase 5 (with Plugins for InDesign CC of course) sometimes the Fonts are reactivating after each change done in InDesign (no matter, if the copy itself changes, even when just moving around illustrations, etc.) …
Has anyone experienced some behaviour like this - for I never had that before and use Suitcase since V2 and InDesign since ever over the years now …
Best regards


I’m having a similar issue, although it’s when I type, the font name area blinks after each character is typed and it starts to miss key strokes. I don’t have a solution to it yet, but I’m hoping when they come up with a CC 2014 update it will fix the issue. I do plan on reinstalling Suitcase Fusion 5 though once I clean up some more fonts.


Mine is doing the same thing. I believe it to be an issue with Adobe Typekit and Extensis fighting with one another over fonts. I have uninstalled the plugin and reinstalled it. It looks as though I need to disable or uninstall the plugin and remove the “sync” to typekit fonts. Then I should be able to reinstall the extensis plugin for the issue to be resolved. That’s what I will try.

Let me know if you found another solution.