Indesign 2015 UTS 6.02 and 6.10 plugin crashes launching


Have installed the latest Adobe Indesign 2015 running on El Capt 10.11.4 and 5

Have a entire studio all with the same issue.

Was running 6.0 Server with 6.02 client when it starts crashing
Now running 6.10 Server with 6.10 client

On launch Indesign crashes.

If I remove the plugin Indesign launches as expected.
If I replace the plugin it crashes

Doing a restart Indesign still crashes
Doing a log out Indesign still crashes
Running permissions on the Indesign plugin folder where UTS plugin is still crashes

Indesign 2014 OK
Photoshop 2014 and 2015 OK
Illustrator 2014 and 2015 OK

Have logs from Indesign 2015


Hi Warren, I’ve emailed you directly regarding this issue so that we can gather some more information to help diagnose it correctly. In future are you able to log a case with us via our support page so that we can attend to the issue faster?

All the best, Martin
Extensis Aust/NZ