Included Features of 2017


The 2017 release notes state:

“The Portfolio 2017 web client does not yet include all of the features of the Flash-based Portfolio 2016 web client. The legacy web client is still available for users who need that functionality. Regular updates will continue to bring features from the old web client forward to Portfolio 2017”

What functionality/features are not yet included in the new version?



I think we brought over most the “major” features, chances are we haven’t brought something over yet that someone will be annoyed with but give us some time and we should get all those features brought over in some updates.

Here is a list of some of larger items that haven’t made it over yet.

  • Import/Export Data

  • Apply Custom Previews

  • Favorites Gallery

  • Regenerate Thumbnail

  • Copy/Move/Export - This is where you could right-click on a watch folder or vault folder and bring up a dialog that will allow you to copy/move items between folders or between catalogs. The Export part is when in a vault catalog you could export the assets back to disk.

  • Clicking on a Keyword to have it perform a search for other items with that keyword (this I believe we have working in the latest internal builds)

  • Slideshow in Preview Mode

  • Displaying metadata in Preview mode

  • Admin setting up views that can be pushed out to new users of a catalog. This feature never really worked that great. We are looking into a better way to do this.

  • Last Cataloged Gallery

Let me know if you have any questions on any of those items.




I am looking forward to Copy/Move/Export is rolled out. I use that almost daily.