Image ID to become keyword


a) Is there a way to batch convert images to Bitmap files and resize?
b) Is there a way to batch watermark the images?
c) Is there a way to copy certain images to a different location and at the same time rename them to the unique extensis/catalogue number?
d) Is there a way to assign the virtual categories (see below) folder names, as key words to the images?
e) Is there a way to have key words in extensis carried across to the new images copied from the virtual categories to the disk?


a) The client’s built-in target formats are TIFF and JPG only. Try, either custom NetMediaMax scripting (in MediaScript (JavaScript-like) via the web client or use of the Server Enterprise-only API (needs C#/Java or PHP coding). Or use the VB/Applescript to hook some other utility.

b) No. alternatives as in (a).

c) The clients offer batch copy and rename but the only placeholders offered are: text (literal string, number from (sequence), or original existing file) name. To add in the Item ID, use the methods at (a).

d) No. Categories are totally unintegrated in this regard. I doubt the Enterprise API can access this info as a result. A kludge, if using SQL catalogues would be to find how where Category data is stored and write your own ‘script’ to do this. See also this PortfolioFAQ article; although written a while back the Categories feature is moribund and not - as far as I can see - still being developed.

e) see d). Categories are a 1990s addition to attract/assist those migrating from Canto Cumulus. It is retained for the few who made use of it but isn’t an actively developed feature (or not since about v6). Categories can only be edited/maintained when in Admin-level access. The Web client, NP, VB/AS script API and Enterprise API have no access to Categories.



Thank you again, Mark.
I should have made it clear, I only have single Catalogue Server 10, and i think non-SQL. whichever one is about $2500USD


Sounds like you have the Pro or Studio version, certainly not Enterprise, so you’ve no access to the new API. NetMediaMAX is a pay-for Portfolio Server add-on; not sure if it works with the Studio version. The VB/AS interfaces work with the Desktop client and don’t depend on the server versions. The latter interface is, I believe no longer actively developed (since v8.5.x) and will eventually be dropped.

Only Enterprise-level users have the option to use SQL catalogues - though they’re not required to do so. If using Enterprise and your served catalogue names don’t end in ‘.fdb’ likely those ones are SQL-based.