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Hi, A lot of users has the same problem. I have Suitcase 7 (before 6) and Illustrator CC 2015.0.0. I try the following steps below but still same issue. Without auto-activate a document is open in 10 seconds. With Suitcase it takes 45 seconds. For PC there are no other options like another software. I need Suitcase but it does not work.

By the way. saving this documents takes more than 3 minutes

  1. In your Extensis Auto-Activation Preferences, turn off the setting for “Pick the best match when original is missing.” To access your Extensis Auto-Activation Preferences, launch Photoshop and then click on File > Automate > Extensis… > Preferences…

  2. Update to the latest release of Photoshop CC2015.
    If you continue to experience performance issues after following these steps, please contact Extensis Technical Support.




Thanks for your question. I understand you are having a plug-in issue with Adobe Photoshop.

This issue can be caused by an incorrect plug-in version being installed in your Adobe plug-ins folders. We recommend the following steps:

  • Update your Photoshop application to the latest version
  • Close all open Adobe applications
  • Locate and remove the previous versions of the Extensis plug-ins from the following location(s): C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CC 2015.3\Plug-ins\Extensions\Extensisfont…

Once they have been successfully removed, open the Suitcase Fusion application and select the Tools Drop-down Menu in the Suitcase Fusion application. Then select Manage Plug-ins. Select the Adobe versions of the plug-ins you would like installed and click Done. Now launch your Adobe application(s) and see if everything is working as intended.

If you still experience issues, please contact our Support Department using the link below.


Extensis Support


Hi, thanks
i check this also. But still same issue. I updates to Photoshop 2017 also.
Problem is if I work on a network storage. If I work on a local disk suitcase works fine. Did you know sommething about the problem that suitcase is slow when saving to a network storage?

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Working on remote drives or network storage devices can cause many issues. Performance issues are typically a result of your connection and speed of connection to these devices.

Extensis (and Abode) recommend creating and using files locally when possible.


yes. Maybe I try to work local in future.
Maybe for the next update your coders can have a look for this problem.

thank you for your help.

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