Illustrator "Find Font" window flashes but never stay open


Have a feeling this is caused by the UTC font auto activation as files when need fonts activated this hoopoes to.

I basically open a .ai file, use the “find font” command, this flashes but never comes up. Can do this 100 x and will not stay open. This doe into happen on every files, but more so an ones which had a font auto activated.

I can fix by closing all files and opening the field again.

We updated to 6.1.2 2 days recently and this is still happening.



Thanks for your question. It is possible an older version of the plug-in is installed. Please contact our support team to assist you with the removal and the re-installation of the plug-ins for your application.


From the Adobe forums seems the people having this issue all have one thing in common, UTC. https://forums.adobe.com/message/9273867#9273867

Our IT dept say they have been in contact with you and this problem has existed for over 4 versions. I do not have the support information to call you, can you let me know if this is being worked on and if you indeed are working on this issue.


Thanks for taking the time to speak with me today. An email has been sent and we will follow-up with you shortly.


I have the same issue, any updates?


Extensis Tech Support suggested:

  • From the Type menu, select Universal Type Client/Universal Type Auto-Activation Preferences.
  • From the preferences window DESELECT - “Pick the Best Match when the original is missing”.
  • Close the window and restart the Adobe application.
  • Re-open your document and try selecting the Find Fonts from the Type drop-down. * It should now appear.

But that is an extra step to our best solution which is to close all files, and then open only one at a at time. We have bene removing old type 1 fonts for our library and have been seeing less of this issue.


No, the problem persist


Hi Mario,

Thanks for your response. Please contact our Support Team to discuss this issue further. We look forward to assisting you.


how can i contact support?