Illustrator Extensis font preview panel not showing font previews


The Extensis font panel in Illustrator was working perfectly, giving previews to all my fonts and letting me activate them with one click. Yesterday, after a reboot, it stopped working. It would show previews for some fonts but not most, which it would show the font names in a generic font and not allow me to activate them by clicking.

This morning I uninstalled Suitcase Fusion, rebooted, deleted c:/users/myname/appdata/local/extensis, rebooted, ran ccleaner, rebooted, reinstalled Suitcase Fusion, reloaded my font library. No luck. Actually it’s now worse, only showing font previews for very few of my fonts.

I lodged a support ticket but I’m posting this here too, in case anyone else has the same problem. I haven’t heard back from support yet, and I can’t afford to lose much more time, this is a production computer and I have client work that needs attention.


Hi inkpot_printing,

I see from our records that Extensis Technical Support has responded to your support ticket and hope you got your issue resolved.