How/where do I see all the languages that a font supports?


I can’t find where do I see the languages each font supports.
I’m trying to migrate from FontExplorer which shows it very easily.

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can someone please help me with this?


Window > View Glyphs lets you see all the characters within a font, and you can select from a drop down to view different Unicode Character Ranges used within the font.


Thank you but this was not my question.

If I’m not speaking a certain language than how would I know it contains all it’s glyphs?

Each font has a set of languages it sapports and this is what i’m looking for.

Here is a screenshot form FontExplorer that shows what i’m looking for.

thank you


Dear All,
We are now in version 18.2.1 and I’m still looking for this feature.
I’m doing books in various languages and I need to know this.
It’s not logical to me to have to run to the internet to search this info which should be basic in my point of view.
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Hi Shlomit,

Currently, Suitcase Fusion does not have this feature. You will need to use font book if they are working in certain Adobe applications or similar. We will consider this as as a future feature for our next full version of Suitcase.