How to upgrade?


Hi Folks!

If you’re planning to upgrade to UTS 5, here is a new KB article that takes you through the steps:

extensis.com/support/knowled … erver-5-0/

Please note:

You can upgrade from UTS 4 to UTS 5. If you’re on an earlier version of UTS, then you’ll have to upgrade to UTS 4 first.


Hi there!
I’ve run into an issue where, after upgrading from a fully functional v4 to v5, my server won’t start.
State: starting
Autostart: enabled
Bonjour Name: Universal Type Server
It stays on “Starting”.
Is there a manual terminal command to force start? I also compared it to my earlier server and under “ports” its totally different, I don’t have any jboss.
Please help!
Im running Mac OS 10.9. Installed Universal Type Server v5.


Please contact Extensis Technical Support about this issue. This is not something that can be resolved via forum thread.


Supposedly it’s a well-known issue on especially Mac-servers. We are however experiencing the same issue on a Windows-server.
So far technical support (or priority support) have been able to solve the issue, but I’d recommend contacting them anyway.