How to Share Fonts with Team


I’m probably overlooking the obvious, but how do I share fonts in Teamsync? I’m the Administrator and am trying to set up my users, but I can’t figure out how to do this.


Thank you for your question. Before you can share libraries in Teamsync, you must first add users to TeamSync. Once you’ve added users in Teamsync, follow the guidelines below to share libraries.


  1. Launch/Open the TeamSync user interface and click on the Libraries tab
  2. Click the Add Library button and name the Library
  3. One you’ve added the library, you now need to give your users permission to access this library. There are a couple of ways to do this.

Give Users Access to the Library
In the Libraries tab, you can select Assign Users and select the users you want to have access the library
In the Users tab you can select the name of the user and then select the Assign Library button.

  1. Any user that has access to the library will see this newly created library next time they launch Suitcase Fusion 7
  2. If your users have their permissions set to Modify or Administrator in Teamsync they can add add fonts to the shared library via Suitcase Fusion 7. Fonts added to this library will be synced and shared with everyone who has access to this TeamSync library.

The following KBA will provide more detail(including pictures) on how to share libraries in TeamSync.