How to "select all" in Portfolio Web Client for PortfolioServer11


We’re running PortfolioServer 11 running on Mac OS 10.0.5 (Yosemite) and we do most of our basic catalogue management in Portfolio Web Client on the same Mac. If I do a search, is there an easy way selecting all the search results? Because of the browser interface the usual keyboard shortcut Cmd-A doesn’t work. Do I really have to select the first item, scroll through the list or the thumbnails to the final item, then shift-click?? Gmail is browser-based, and I can put a tick in a single box which selects all the items listed below. Is there an equivalent function in the Portfolio Web Client?


Hi Lynn,
Unfortunately, Portfolio 11 is an unsupported application, and not something Technical Support can help with. Feel free to browse the Knowledge Base linked below.


Kind Regards,
Josh Hallenbeck
Customer Service