How to make keyword links alive?


I am using Portfolio Server 10.2 without SQL. Also, using the desktop client, netpublish, and the web client.

I started with one of your templates while using Portfolio 7 and have modified over the years to suit my purposes. Using a dropdown keyword list, I search for photos. These photos will have that keyword plus other keywords displayed by the side of the results photos. How can I make the other keywords into live links so that they take the user to other photos in the same catalogue? I have seen this on many commercial photo websites.


In short, sounds like you need to do some custom (i.e. not in-the-box) coding for your existing templates.

The v10+ Tablet template set does make keywords into back-links (NP search links). IIRC, the Bravado set may have been updated to do the same.

As regards your own templates, whether the fix is simple or not depends on your (team’s) HTML/JS coding skills.