How to disable 'font not in database' message?


Last week we switched to El Capitan and Suitcase Fusion 7. In InDesign (latest version) we are constantly bothered with messages of fonts not being in the Suitcase database. We didn’t get messages like that before, only from InDesign itself. Another problem is that the Suitcase message comes at least twice everytime. This is getting very annoying.

We work a lot with fonts that are saved with the InDesign package option so quite often it is no problem at all the fonts aren’t in the Suitcase database because InDesign loads them itself but still we have to click that Suitcase message away all the time.

Apart from all this we would like to only get a font missing message from InDesign, not Suitcase. So is there a way to disable the ‘font not in database’ error while still using auto-activation?

And when will you fix the bug where the message is shown two times everytime? I read about this in a post from 2015 already so I am surprised to see this still hasn’t been fixed.



This week’s v18.1 release of Suitcase Fusion 7 includes a fix for the issue of the dialog continuing to appear. You can grab the update via the auto-updater by selecting:

Mac: Suitcase Fusion -> Check for Updates…
Windows: Tools -> Check for Updates…

You can also download the latest installer from our website here:

In addition, you can check Pick Best Match in the prefs if you would prefer not to see the dialog at all.


Thanks for the reply! I am home right now so I can’t check it but I did download the latest installer last Tuesday or Wednesday… but I will see if there is yet another update.

And thanks for the Pick best match tip. I have to check though what it does exactly. I don’t want it to replace the fonts! I suppose it lets Suitcase load a font that looks like the missing one but does it only load it or also replace it…?
EDIT I had a look at the manual which can be found on the Suitcase site and it seems Pick best match actually replaces the missing font in the document with another one which certainly is not what I want!

Well, anyway, I will have a loot at it all coming Monday when I am at work again!


There was indeed a new update which solved the double message. Pick best match indeed stops the messages completely and even though I have no clue what it does exactly, things seem to work as I want them now. So thanks for the support!


I’ve just upgraded to Version 18.1.0 (1042) and I’m still getting the double font warning. I don’t like having the “Best match” as I want to see whats missing then I can fix it, but I don’t need to be told twice every time I open a document.