How do you move items from one catalog to another?



I read through the manual :slightly_smiling: but I still don’t quite see how to move items from catalog to another.

So imagine that I have this catalog I’ll call Travel Photos. But we’ve discovered that some of that just aren’t very good. We have created a new catalog called Rejected Travel Photos.

Is there a way to move them from one catalog to another?



The short answer is ‘Yes!’

The longer answer:

Option 1: if the Travel Photos catalog IS NOT using Autosync:

  1. First you open both catalogs. Position them so that you can easily drag items from one to the other.
  2. Drag thumbnails from the Travel Photos catalog to the Rejected Photos catalog.
  3. Delete the thumbnails from the Travel Photos catalog.

Option 2: if the Travel Photos catalog IS using Autosync:

  1. Select items in Travel Photos that you want to move
  2. Go to Item -> Original -> Move
  3. Select a folder that the Rejected catalog will watch with Autosync
  4. After the images have moved, Autosync should automatically add them to the rejected catalog
  5. If you have Autosync preferences in the Travel Photos catalog set to ‘Delete the item from the Catalog’, they should automatically disappear. If not, you can manually delete them from the catalog. Autosync won’t pick them up again as long as they stay in a folder that’s not being watched by the Travel Photos catalog.