How do you manage SkyFonts?


We’re looking into Suitcase for the Cloud server option. I’ve been on FontExplorer for many years, and I’m able to actually see and manage my SkyFonts (both Google and those from our Monotype subscription via Fonts.com.)

I’m playing with Suitcase now and I realize that it doesn’t see any of the SkyFonts from our Monotype subscription. Nor can I add that account. Which means I have no access to activation or deactivation, most importantly. Part of this problem is a complete lack of any interface in SkyFonts, and Fonts.com lack of building one, however basic, for their subscribers. But, that doesn’t really help me right now to find a way to manage these without having a massive list of active fonts I may not need.

Has anyone else encountered this as a problem? Am I missing something here? Any suggestions will be appreciated. Our company needs a centralized fonts management solution, and Suitcase is a great, well priced cloud option, minus this unexpected snag. (FontExplorer Server comes with 10 mandatory licenses we don’t even need, at a very hefty price, with a lot of network setup problems we’d rather not even deal with.)

Many thanks in advance!


Hi Maria!

We don’t have any integration directly with Fonts.com in Suitcase Fusion 7 at this time. As you know, Skyfonts is just the tool Monotype provides to allow you to download and sync their fonts automatically. We do have the ability for you to sync and view all the Google fonts easily from within Suitcase Fusion.

To add any fonts you are currently syncing with Skyfonts you would need to jump into your account on Fonts.com and download the desktop version to a local computer.

“When you purchase a traditional desktop font license on Fonts.com, you can either download and install the font yourself, or have SkyFonts do it for you.”

So if you go ahead and download the fonts you have purchased from Fonts.com you will be able to add them to Suitcase Fusion 7. After that you can simple add them to a library via Suiitcase TeamSync to be able to quickly and easily distribute them to all your users.

You for sure won’t need to have a giant list of activated fonts and will be able to use them in Suitcase Fusion 7 as you would any other font.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any other questions!

Thanks for looking at Suitcase Fusion 7 and I hope we can get you up and running with Suitcase TeamSync in the near future.

Product Owner - Fonts