How do we filter the font-display by Classification?


Hello, I have thousands of fonts on my system. I do not want to find one font by scrolling down the entire set of previews. On the right-side of Suite Fusion 6 I see a tab “Attributes”, and it would seem that this was intended for filtering the list? I set the dropdown-list to “Classifications”, and put a check-mark on “Script”, for example – but nothing happens?
Does this actually provide any useful functionality, and how do we achieve the filtering of the list of fonts by classification or other attributes? Or, alternatively, is there any way provided within Suitecase Fusion 6 for finding fonts based upon some kind of attributes?

Thank you,

James Hurst


It sounds like you’re using the panel for editing the classifications on fonts (check boxes) not the search function. If you click the quick search ‘magnifying glass’ in the top right you can set it to search only on classifications, and then you can type into the QuickFind the classification you wish to search for.

If you don’t set it to specifically search on classifications only, by default it searches on several fields, and a search on ‘Script’ would also get all postscript fonts since that font format includes the word ‘Script’!