How do I show font folders like Suitcase 7 in Suitcase 8?


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How can I see the font folders like I did in Suitcase 7 in the new Suitcase 8? I really don’t like the new look at all.


Folder view, please
Sort by Date Font Added, is gone

Yes, the Column view/List view has been removed from the latest version of Suitcase Fusion.

This might initially be quite shocking, as it’s been the primary way we have worked with font data in the past. We have worked to streamline and focus on the previewing of fonts, and have moved away from a more spreadsheet view of the font collection.

We would like to gather your feedback about how you use the column view in your daily workflow. You don’t have to get super detailed or anything… But, simply list the primary kinds of tasks you would perform in/with that view.

If you have the inclination and the spare time, please send in your workflow or tasks by creating a case with our Support Team here:

We can then forward this information to the Product Owner for further review. This helps us going forward as we continue to iterate and improve on the Suitcase Fusion User Interface.

Thank you for your time and feedback so far, we do appreciate it!


I’m writing to ask you to please bring back column view. I doubt anyone asked you to take this feature away and “focus on font preview”. Suitcase 7 had sufficient font preview. What you eliminated is a basic format for viewing lists, that all of your devoted users have come to depend on. It was not broken, so why did you “fix” it? I constantly use the column view to collapse font family view and get a broader overview of the list, to sort in a number of different ways in order to find the font i need. sorry but it’s infuriating that you took something away that is part of a long-established workflow. you made the product considerably less valuable, and charged me $50 for it!!! Please bring it back or refund my money!

Suitcase Fusion 8 – Features Request

With respect, there is now a very long thread about what people think of you removing the list view, along with all the reasons they need it brought back, and we’ve not heard a peep from Extensis about it.
What we’ve also not heard is what the supposed benefits of this move were.

What does “streamline and focus on the previewing of fonts” actually mean?

How has this made our jobs easier?

What problems were your users reporting that could only be solved by removing this feature?

I have to assume Extensis thought long and hard before gutting the application in the way you have, so I also have to assume you will have no problems whatsoever in clearly and cogently answering these questions.

EDIT: I just actually read the article in that link above. You guys really don’t get it, do you?


I agree with the requests of this thread. I really need the Font Family Folder View that the earlier Suitcase versions had. When you own hundreds and hundreds of fonts, you need to quickly be reminded of what fonts you have. The old Family Folder View provided a “bird eye’s view” of your fonts. This allowed you to more quickly see and scroll through your font options. Not being able to hide the font styles means you can’t reduce “the visual noise.” It also takes you a lot longer to scroll past the fonts you’re not interested in. Please allow us to hide the font styles.


Font Family Folder View was perfect. List of fonts below, and characters above. So clean and simple.

I see that an update came out today and still not the kind of overhaul we were hoping for. I didn’t see anything useful.
It’s like Extensis is bent on pushing something on us that no one wants. Why are they fighting the users on this so much?
Please stop all this needless experimentation and return Suitcase to the professional’s font management program that 7 was.


(Google Translate).
Stop wasting time!
We waste hours looking for the right police.
We do not care to see the 28 variations of Adobe Caslon or the more than 150 variations of Helvetica / Helvetica Neue.
It hurts the finger by scroling.

“Error is human, stubbornness [in its error] is diabolical.”


Professionals already know what the fonts look like. We just want a list view.


Your workaround is a terrible solution. Please fix the program to work correctly.


you have RUINED this product.


Agreed… It’s awful now. Not to mention the FM core never launches on startup anymore.



I felt forced to update, for less functionality.

Really unhappy with this update.


I mentioned this issue back on day one of the Public Beta. The current methods result in a much slower refresh as the SF8 tries to display each typeface. The problem that seems to elude Extensis is that I need to quickly see all variations of my Bodoni’s, for example. I need to quickly see which one has which version number for when SF8 chooses the wrong version (rare, but not unknown). I need to quickly select only the Adobe, or Bitstream, or URW or ITC foundry versions to minimize the unwanted behavior that sometimes occurs when similar fonts from different foundries are open at the same time (try using an InDesign italic character style when for some reason the wrong foundry is open and they use oblique instead of italic). Because let’s face it, as great as SF is, it has its occasional errors opening fonts, especially with much larger libraries with almost every font having 5 or 6+ version number and foundry variations. It’s easy to compensate for when all that info is available at once. When it’s only available on a font by font basis, it’s a real pain.

We’ve went ahead and are transitioning to 7 seats of TeamSync, but this is still an issue that makes troubleshooting font/app conflicts much more difficult.


I am also writing to request that you restore the Column view/List view in Suitcase. My group are only allowed to use Opentype or Truetype fonts for our main client and I see no other way to quickly filter out the old Postscript fonts. The Column view/List view also greatly streamlined the way we work when searching for fonts in our extensive library. If you are unable to restore this function we will be forced to cancel our Extensis Suitcase use and look elsewhere. It worked perfectly before, why mess with success?!? We are anxiously awaiting an “update” to restore the Column view/List view. Thank you.


Thanks but no thanks to the current font preview.

Please bring back the former font previews. As it stands this version of Suitcase is nearly useless. I have resorted to using an online font source to help me locate fonts! A long time fan of Suitcase since loading version 3 from a floppy disk. I waited to upgrade until my InDesign plugins were up to date with other vendors, perhaps i should have waited a bit longer until this is hopefully resolved.


I relied on the spreadsheet type view. A long time Suitcase user and promoter to anyone who asks. I feel I have a fairly good knowledge base of fonts by sight and name. This current look is not functional for either myself or my co-workers. Perhaps bring back the former look as an option. If, anyone likes your current look, leave that option. As for streamlining, this is not the case with the new look, I spend several minutes looking for a particular font which I recall the name, then wait for the slow process of my fonts to load. I have over 30,000 fonts which ran smoothly until this update. I have the newest MacPro with lots of RAM, the new version should load nearly instantly as before.


Like everyone else, I really miss this feature too. My workflow is suffering because of it and I’m thinking about looking at FontExplorer.


Everyone seems to be re-intering the same feature/issue and they still seem dazed and confused as to what the problem is.


The same request… please bring back column view as Suitcase fusion 7… It’s impossible to view quickly a font when you have 1000 fonts… it’s frustranting ths new kind of view…
Really disappointed…


Yup – just updated and found this mess. Like so much software, it’s messing with something that worked just fine. Keep the list SIMPLE first, then put in the complexity. How hard is it to give a choice for the view? I’m very disappointed in this step backwards.