How do I downgrade?


I’ve used various versions of Suitcase for more years than I care to admit. So when I updated Adobe CC, I didn’t think twice about updating Suitcase so I could still have auto-activated fonts. I wasn’t expecting an interface that makes it nearly impossible for me to find fonts to design with! As tedious as it is to manually activate fonts, I need to be able to see my fonts, sorted by their categories. So if I’m looking for a script, I can find it. If I’m looking for fonts that don’t have a category, I can find them too, And if I don’t recall exactly how to spell something, but know the first letter, I can jump to that part of the alphabet by starting to search. I don’t know what UI problems Extensis was trying to solve, but their solution makes working with my font library next to impossible.


I’m doing the same thing today, but I previously owned 7, which functions much better. I know the font database got upgraded, so if you once had 7, you may need to go back to an earlier system backup. The only Adobe CC 2018 program that 7 seems to not work with is Indesign, so if you can do that manually, you’ll be fine.


The new version is a brick with no window to throw it at. I ran into all the same problems many other commenters have mentioned (specifically the loss of the column view) and reached out to Extensis customer support and received a full refund. Click here to see how.


Thanks for info! I’m going to ask for my money back now.


No problem. And when you do the downgrade, read through all the instructions and follow them precisely. I didn’t and spent a couple of hours digging myself out of that hole.


Hi guys, could you tell me where I can find all the instructions to follow for a downgrade from 8 to 7 please?


here’s the link: