Hidden Fonts showing in Font Library


I’m trying to get my fonts in control as I’m having font conflicts in programs like Chrome. I’ve followed the guidelines to turn off FontBook but have noticed that I have about 15 fonts in my Suitcase Fusion Font Library that are listed as “Hidden” font folders and as regular folders. The “Hidden” list all begin with a period and end with PUA. Here is an example:
.Al Bayan PUA - assuming this is a hidden font
Al Bayan - assuming this is the real font

Can I delete the PUA fonts?



Hi Shirley!

Those fonts are actually part of a larger font. In newer versions of OS X Apple started to include .ttc fonts which are TrueType Collections. These are like regular TrueType or OpenType fonts with the key difference being that a .ttc font actually includes multiple fonts inside a single file. You can read a bit more here if you are interested:


So the short answer is no, you can’t remove .Al Bayan PUA without removing Al Bayan as well. These are typically system fonts and if you don’t need them you can just deactivate them in Suitcase and they won’t show up in your application menus.