Hi-Res Contact Sheets


Hello all,

My art department came to me with a request. They said that the contact sheets I was providing to them from Portfolio weren’t of a high enough quality, and that the contact sheets they produced from iPhoto were much “sharper and clearer”. I first thought that this was a psychological issue… Then I ran some tests. Sure enough, iPhoto contact sheets are nicer than Portfolio produces - those contact sheets are “fuzzier” or “grainier”.

So I tried another experiment. I collected the images and saved them locally, then I opened them up using FastStone Image Viewer (a free, online tool), and printed contact sheets from that program. They look great - as high quality as iPhoto, and much better than Portfolio.

The problem is, this is a lot of extra work for yours truly. Is there a way to make the contact sheets from Portfolio even better?

My Print settings are: 9 Items Per Page, 0.20 Inches Minimum Spacing Between, and Image (dropdown) is set to Best (slowest).




Are you making the contact sheet in the Desktop or Web Client? It sounds like maybe you’re using the former. Could you try making one in the Web Client to see if it’s any better?

First log into the Web Client: Point a web browser to the Portfolio Server’s IP address and tack a :8090 on the end
Example: if Portfolio Server’s IP address is, enter into the address field

Log in with your Portfolio user account
Select a catalog in the left column
Click on ‘Make PDF’ in the top menu and select a setting, such as '9 items per page’
Click ‘OK’ on the confirmation dialog
Portfolio will generate a PDF
You’ll then get a dialog that allows you to download the PDF


That does seem to be better. How odd.

One follow up question - there seems to be an unnecessary amount of white space between thumbnails on the contact sheet. Any way to reduce that white space and thus make each thumbnail a bit larger?




I’m afraid the contact sheet settings don’t have any options for changing the thumbnail size or spacing. If you can PM me your business name or serial number, I’ll file a feature request.


Ah, it’s certainly not a big deal. I’m just happy the resolution is better - if they want bigger thumbnails, we can just put fewer to a page! :wink:

Thanks for your help.