Help for Migration


I’m working about a migration from an old “repository” to Portfolio then I need to insert all rows of the old database as assets in Portfolio.
I’m testing API and in particular “addAssetsByPath” method. I would like to create assets, then set fields and metadata copying from the source. I would like to avoid that Portfolio analyze files when I add the asset for not losing time and because I don’t have files available but only thumbnails. (Old files are archived in blueray supports)
When I test “addAssetsByPath” without file in folder I receive an error “File Not Found”.
Is there a way to skip the check? Have I to create fake little files in folder to go ahead? Am I in the right way?

Thanks in advance


Hi Nicola,

Portfolio is document-centric, and it does expect a real file to exist per asset, and to be able to access those files.

I think the simplest solution would be to create a small file with each thumbnail you have, and put them in a folder structure, and point Portfolio at that folder by creating a Watch Folder. Portfolio will catalog those small image files very quickly.

Once they are cataloged, you could then use the Portfolio API to assign your metadata, using updateAssetFieldValues.

We are happy to help with any details of this migration, so please feel free to follow up if you have any other questions or issues.

Best regards,