Google Fonts not appearing in Office 2011


I’ve just downloaded the trial copy of Suitcase Fusion 5 and have been playing around with it, but I can’t get any activated Google Fonts to show up in Microsoft Word 2011. Suitcase says they’re activated, the system report (10.9) says they’re activated, but they don’t show in the list in Word and any file I open that references them uses substituted fonts.

I couldn’t see anything in the documentation about this. Is this a known issue, or some strange bug? I love the idea of font management and I do web design with a lot of layout design in Illustrator/Photoshop (which work great with Suitcase) but I also want access to the fonts in Word for report writing (following site themes).


Was Word already open when you activated them? Not all applications have ‘live’ font menus that update as fonts are turned on/off. Word builds its font menu on launch, so if you then go and change the activation status of fonts after it’s launched, you need to quit and reopen Word for those changes to apply.


We were able to reproduce the problem. I’d say there’s a bug, but I don’t know yet if it’s in Suitcase or MS Office.