Google Fonts Latin extended characters not displaying


sorry that i am a newbie, but i think this is the category that fits to my problem…

we are having a problem with google fonts on both platforms with PS, AI and ID. The problem is, we cannot enable latin-extended support for the fonts that we want to use… For example; Raleway has a latin-extended feature on fonts.google.com but when we try to write, the appropriate characters cannot be shown. I attached a screenshot trying to highlight the problem… I’m wondering if there is a workaround for this problem. Thanks

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The Google fonts being downloaded by Suitcase Fusion currently only contain the English subset. We will be supporting the full Google Font via their updated API in an upcoming release. Until that time you can download the full font from Google and add it to Suitcase manually…

I know this isn’t the best workaround but it should allow you to use all the characters you need in the meantime.

I will notify you when the update is ready, thanks for using Suitcase Fusion 7!