Goodbye to Open Directory support in Universal Type Server


As our team continues to make improvements in Universal Type Server, we sometimes have to make tough choices by phasing out features and functions no longer relevant for the majority of our customers. So we wanted to give our customers still using Open Directory an early head’s up to upcoming changes.

With the next major release of UTS we will be ending support for synchronizing Open Directory user accounts. Customers who use this functionality will have to decide their upgrade strategy when moving from UTS v6.

In our next major version, Open Directory Service user accounts will automatically be converted to Native UTS accounts but can still be used. However, new Open Directory user accounts will no longer be added.

UTS will continue to support the synchronization of Active Directory accounts, manual user creation and importing users via a text file as the various methods for managing users.

Thanks for your understanding and please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Chris Meyer
Extensis Font Solutions Team