Generating preview process very slow


Lately my Suitcase Fusion 4 for Mac is extremely slow to load font previews. Each font in the list will say “Generating preview” for several minutes. I thought maybe I could have Suitcase launch on startup so the previews would be generating in the background and would be there once I was ready to use Suitcase. But it doesn’t seem to work that way. As I scroll down the list, each new section of the list takes more time to load, no matter how long Suitcase has been open. This is slowing down my productivity because I frequently rely on the previews for choosing fonts for various projects. I am running OS X 10.5.8, and have not experienced this issue until the last month or so. Any advice? I can’t find any other forum postings on this topic.


If you’re having technical issues, it’s probably best to submit a support ticket, as you’re not describing behaviour I’ve seen before.


Exact same behavior here. Suitcase 15.0.4 - MacPro 3.1 OS10.6.8


+1 for experiencing the same thing. I haven’t added more than a handful of fonts to my collection in the last few years, and my current computer is far faster than the one I had when I originally started using Suitcase, four years ago. Odd that font previews are so much slower to generate now.


Also experiencing frustrating SLOW preview … Version 15.0.4 (508)


The problem seems to have corrected itself since I upgraded to OSX 10.6.8.


Well, it seems I spoke too soon. Issue seems more intermittent now. I’ll take some time to observe and see if I can notice a pattern. Sort of seems as if now the previews are slower to load when in QuickType mode, but I’m not sure.


Same problem. No obvious way of fixing it.



Any Fix?? I have same problem
running 10.8.3


No fix reported yet. I notice the problem less since I had to upgrade to a new computer recently (15" MacBook Pro, system 10.8.3) but I do still have to wait on the generating previews sometimes. Would love to find a solution!


I have a not too old Mac Pro and a new iMac retina and it still does it. Running the entension in Illustrator… forget about it.



I’m not sure if any of you have contacted our support team, but if you had, the technicians would probably guide you through one of these articles:

extensis.com/support/knowled … w-leopard/
extensis.com/support/knowled … 10-7-lion/
(sorry, we don’t have one for 10.8 yet, but the 10.7 article should be applicable)

Basically these articles step you through cleaning unneeded fonts out of your system folders as well as cleaning your system’s font caches. Both usually result in improved font performance: If you have hundreds of fonts in your system, OSX has to activate them all. More fonts require more system resources; system font caches are used by OSX to track fonts that have been activated. Over time these caches grow and can become bloated, also causing performance issues.

If you’re still having trouble, please contact our support team:



Thanks Romeo. So far, so good…going through the procedure as described seems to have helped.


I just had Suitcase 4 installed yesterday and am noticing the same problem.
Running it on OS X 10.8.5

Has there been any developments yet?


Harrisonjord, the process posted by Romeo on 4/15/13 seemed to do the trick for me. If you use his link, there’s a version of instruction for 10.8 now. Let us know if that helps.