Fusion broken after Adobe CC 2015 November update


I upgraded the software to the latest version of creative suite which is November 2015. Font activation does not work any longer and the fonts are not visible to be selected in the programs in which the plug in is used like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. I attempted a reinstall of the OS, reinstalled CC2015 and then installed Suitcase Fusion 6 again. Same results. Anyone else having this issue? Do I have to wait for an upgrade?


I should add I am on the latest version of all the software involved. The adobe update just came out. That’s when Suitcase fusion broke.



Extensis is aware of the issue where our font panels are not working with the Adobe CC2015.2 release. However the auto-activation plugins still should function as expected. The Suitcase Team is investigating the problem and will provide a fix as soon as possible.
In the mean time, we recommend activating your fonts from within the Suitcase application as a temporary workaround.

Let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.



I’m having the same problem as bleedink. :cry:

Panels themselves show in photoshop and illustrator, but not listing any fonts at all inside them. Causes major problems with our workflow! :angry:

Tried re-starting PS/ Illustrator, system re-start, activating & deactivating via Fusion etc. Nothing helping.

Really frustrating each time theres a CC update to have this happen and wait weeks for fixes. Seriously disrupts our workflow. There must be a better way to prepare for/ resolve this each time?


Adobe provides pre release versions of their software for vendors to prepare for things just like this. Either they don’t have a good relationship or Extensis doesn’t care about our workflows and hard earned dollars that are supposed to be going toward making the software functional not lining someone’s pockets. This should have been resolved the day the updates came out.


@bleedink -
The recent Adobe CC2015.2 release affects only the font panels. Auto-activation and the plugin itself should be unaffected by this update. If you are experiencing other issues please contact support directly: support@extensis.com.

Extensis does review Adobe pre-releases and tests Suitcase against these versions. Unfortunately this issue was not something we caught in the versions tested before launch.
The Suitcase team had transitioned to working on another assignment before Adobe shipped their dot 2 release so we just missed testing the final prerelease before it launched.

It’s not that we don’t care it’s that our small plugin team struggles to keep up with Adobe’s new aggressive schedule like many other Adobe plugin developers. Additionally we haven’t had to handle SDK changes on dot releases in the past prior to CC. Like the rest of the marketplace, Extensis too is trying to keep up with Adobe’s new subscription model and frequent CC updates.

We will improve our processes in 2016 and get better and be more proactive.

In the meanwhile we are working on a fix and I am hoping to have something for you all to test before the end of this week.




We have a pre-release build of our next Suitcase Fusion update available that is expected to resolve this issue. Feel free to test this out and report any feedback here or in a private message. This is a pre-release that has not been completely tested but should be suitable for normal use. If you experience any additional troubles with this release please let me know.

Suitcase Fusion 6 (v 17.3.1): bin.extensis.com/SuitcaseFusionMacBeta121715.zip

I will be actively monitoring these forums for any feedback.

Ryan C Brown
Extensis Font Management QA


This did nothing to fix my font issues.


Works after an uninstall. Only after that.


My first impression is that it is buggy and slow. I have lots of fonts installed but usually suitcase handles it pretty well. This version is really buggy. Using the plug in to arrange the fonts into their respective libraries only worked in cc2014, in 2015 it only added 3 or 4 then stopped. Not a very good user experience overall. My impression is that it’s a half baked solution to make the fonts visible nothing more. I am really hoping they come out with a proper update. Seems with the advance from Adobe and all the code changes that you guys would have been better prepared for the update. This was a disaster. At least you released a beta but unless you read this thread you would not know. How does extensis plan to handle the actual update when it comes out? As I’m running a beta that seems to think its a point release when the actual update comes out will I know? Will I have to install the old software to get the proper update or am I stuck at beta until you release a further point release? Its a good question. I don’t want to go through a lot of hassle to fix something that should never have been broken. Not for this long.



Thank you for the feedback. This update is only expected to fix the issue of panels not loading properly in CC 2015. Are you seeing the panels load after running this install? Can you give me feedback relating to this particular issue?

It sounds like you may be having some other issues with Suitcase Fusion as well. I recommend you contact our support department to investigate this. They are much better at triaging emerging issues and collecting relevant information, and may have recommendations to get you through this. extensis.com/support has their contact details.

As for this being beta software - we do expect a full release shortly after this round of feedback concludes, and you will be able to upgrade as normal.

Ryan C Brown
Extensis Font Management QA


It works as I said it just seems buggy. There have been a number of issues since this latest release from adobe. My fonts personally loaded slow. I had problems setting up families within the panel and switching between them takes forever to load. Now the issue with the signing and you have a complete mess from a production standpoint. I’ve had to use font book to effectively choose a font. Not really ideal when you’ve spent a good deal of money on this product. If you knew the signatures were about to expire what prevented you from fixing it before it expired? What prevented you from teaming up with Adobe to get this released from the gate? It has me seriously considering another font manager because the other companies aren’t having the same issues. And this is supposedly the best one out there. Now I’m not so sure. I used to love this software. Now after not having been able to use it effectively for nearly 2 months my patience with these issues is wearing thin. If it weren’t so expensive and time consuming to switch I’d already have done so. I’m just waiting for the ‘requires new version’ that must be coming soon. If that happens this soon after version 6 I’m jumping ship. We designers have better things to do than deal with font managers not working every month.