Fusion 7 compatibility with macOS Sierra (beta)


I didn’t see anything here in the forum about the latest macOS Sierra beta and compatibility with Fusion 7, so I thought I would share my results.

macOS Sierra Beta (public beta #7) v:16A313a
Suitcase Fusion 18.1.1
Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 (latest versions as of this post)

  • InDesign - works flawlessly and completely as expected
  • Photoshop - works flawlessly and completely as expected
  • Illustrator - does not work at all. If you have the Illustrator plugin installed, Illustrator will crash upon launch. Removing the plugin and relaunching Illustrator solves the crash problem. Fonts manually activated show up fine—as do all other Fusion-related functions, it’s just the auto-activation plugin for Illustrator that doesn’t work/causes the crash.



I passed on your report to the team. Thanks for the feedback, we always appreciate it!



Brilliant report back - many thanks for this vital info GraphicMac :slight_smile:


I’m quite happy to report that Fusion’s Auto-Activation plugin for Illustrator appears to work with the Sierra GM release—which means it will most likely work with the final version when Apple releases it later this month.

Apparently the Illustrator issue was related to something in the previous Sierra beta release.