Fusion 4 conflicts with 2 apps


Until today I was aware that there was a conflict between Fusion 4 and XRite i1Display Pro calibration software. The issue is detailed here:

xrite.com/product_overview. … ortID=5560

Today I installed the most recent version of Helicon Focus and I could not complete the installation due to the same issue. Disabling FMCore.exe allowed me to install Helicon Focus and I find that I must also disable FMCore.exe whenever I wish to use Helicon Focus.

Seeing that 2 applications I use are not playing well with FMCore.exe I wonder if the fault lies with your software? Previously I thought it might just be an issue with XRite’s software.

Is this something that Extensis can/should fix? It’s unfortunate that users are faced with obscure errors whose cause is equally obscure.




Someone recently reported the issue with XRite’s i1Display Pro and Universal Type Client. There is a workaround which will address the problem but it will disable Application sets. If this is ok with you, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open Notepad
  2. Paste the following text into a new document
  1. Save the file with the following name: *com.extensis.SuitcaseFusion.conf *
    into C:\Program Files (x86)\Extensis\Suitcase Fusion 4
  2. Stop the FMCore by going to Edit->Preferences, go to the ‘Type Core’ tab and then click on ‘Stop Type Core’

After you launch Suitcase again, you should also be able to launch i1Display Pro.

I am not familiar with Helicon Focus, but I will see if I can get a demo to test with. I’ll post an update with my results.


FYI: We are no longer able to reproduce this issue with Suitcase Fusion 5 and i1Profiler 1.5.0.