FSS_DELETED Error Message


I have been playing around with creating a NetPublish site for a catalog that is in development. Thus far, we have been creating test catalogs to practice NP, and haven’t had any problems publishing our images. Yesterday, I incorporated a few of the images that will be used in our final catalog once it is finished to do something like a test run with the NP side of things. For some reason, after publishing the site, I was directed to the home page of the NP site but selecting any of the browsing terms or search resulted in the following error message:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Extensis\Portfolio NetPublish\WebRoot\sites/Bravado/templates/results.np:37:

Collection.getRecord() received a ‘FSS_DELETED’ error from the database after calling GetRecordFromRID().

We are a bit confused over this, as we haven’t changed the procedure in any way, only the photos that we have been working with,which have been moved to the correct area in our photo server where they should be accessible to NP. Has anyone encountered a similar error message? Is this a server problem or are we doing something wrong on our end?


I notice this cropped up before, of sorts, though the OP never reported on the outcome. I’d restart Portfolio Server and NP, if still getting the message it might be worth deleting the NP collection database. Stop NP, delete ‘collection.cdb’ from the NP app folder and restart (you will lose all current lightboxes) and NP will start a new collection database.

You did say you’d moved some photos around. I’ve a hunch that’s caused a bad path to get lodged in the system.