Fonts won't stay activated


My fonts aren’t activating automatically on startup, nor are they auto activating when opening CC files, and when manually activated they immediately deactivate. I am able to copy them to the fonts directory of CC applications but obviously this is not ideal.

I’m sure the “official” Extensis response will be spend money (upgrade to v7) but there’s gotta be an actual solution…

Win10 Home v1607 Build 14393.105
Suitcase Fusion 6 v17.23.638929





Hi Mike,

Suitcase Fusion 6 is a supported product, however, not every combination of OS and host app is. You don’t note what version of CC you are running or the particular apps you are having difficulty with. If you are running CC 2015, that combination is supported. However, CC 2015.3 on Windows 10 is only supported by Suitcase Fusion 7, officially speaking.


Yeah, I’m using 2015.x versions. But, the problem (I think) isn’t as much with CC as Suitcase and/or Windows.

I can have Suitcase open, activate a font or group of fonts, and seconds late they deactivate themselves.



After updating Windows 10, customers have found issues with font activation and we have a KBA posted here that addresses the issue.


That appears to have fixed the problem. If I run into any further issues I’ll check back in.




The page that you reference here is no longer on your site. I am having this exact issue after a Windows update.


Hi Heather,

Thanks for letting us know about the broken link. We moved to a new KBA platform recently and every link may not have been redirected properly. The link is now fixed.