Fonts slow to load in Indesign CC 2015


I’ve noticed recently that Suitcase Fusion 6 takes quite a while to load the correct fonts into InDesign documents on opening - sometimes up to a minute before the correct fonts load and the text formats correctly. This issue predated the upgrade to CC 2015. I’m on an iMac (27-inch, Late 2013) 3.5 GHz Intel Core i7 with 32Gbs memory. I have the latest version of Fusion 6, I’ve cleared the font caches but the problem persists. I don’t have loads of fonts active at any one time, apart from the system fonts and a selection of the local fonts that come pre-installed. I’ve read stuff about the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M graphics processor being an issue. Anyone have the same experience or have a solution. Just slows work down


Hi richardhoney,

Sorry you are having performance issues with our product.
We haven’t had any prior reports related to sluggish performance on Mac but we should try and rule out the relationship.

Can you confirm which CC applications you are experiencing the performance problem in?
What version of Suitcase are you using?
Does removing the Extensis plugin make the issue go away?

Unfortunately I am not familiar with the card’s options on the iMac, do you know if there are any specific GeForce video settings you can adjust? Testing this could help us see if the card is in the way.

If there are selectable options, can you try temporarily turning off any GPU acceleration or other options related display rendering speed and leave the Extensis plugin enabled? The goal is to see if removing these options improves the performance.

I’ll open a case for this issue and track your replies.



Hi Chris
Apologies for taking so long to get back on this topic but I’ve been deep in a series of work deadlines! I’m using Suitcase Fusion 6 - 17.1.0.
I’ve only noticed the issue in InDesign, though I don’t tend to create document with a lot of text in Illustrator. However I’ve just opened an Illustrator document and the fonts loaded instantaneously. The problem seems to occur rather randomly. Sometimes document open without a hitch, sometimes certain fonts don’t activate while others do, which makes pinning the cause down a bit tricky. I does seem like documents that have not been opened for a while are most affected, but then I’ve been testing with a document that I’ve opened and closed several times and that has problems with a couple of fonts not opening until after 20 seconds or more of waiting. I’ve tried turning font preview on and off in InDesign but this makes no difference. I’ve scanned all my fonts with Font Doctor and no problems are reported.
The issue is definitely to do with the plugin activation as I can see the fonts aren’t getting activated in the Suitcase Window until just before they are activated in the document. If I turn off the plugin the fonts do seem to load more quickly. In fact having just tested this and then reactivating the InDesign Plug in the fonts seem snappier to load - I’m wondering if this may solve my problem. I’m going to monitor and will get back if it reverts over the next day or too.Thanks for your help on this issue.


I have the same problem with auto activation in InDesign CC 2015 (all text of fonts not already open are ‘pinked out’ and it takes a good while for them to activate) but also I have noticed that in the Suitcase 6 (17.3.0) window itself that activating a font brings up a little ‘timer’ graphic in the bar at the bottom of the window where you can see the individual fonts being activated. For example I have 12 fonts for Futura and it took 7 seconds for them to activate while you watch the little graphic timer and font names go round - I have never seen this before until I upgraded my Macs OS to El Capitan (OSX 10.11).

Suitcase works - just seems to be a little slower on its old age - I have been with it since the very beginning after all!