Fonts re-appeared


I got a new iMac back in January and installed a shiny new copy of SF4. Lately been getting annoying little issues with fonts being switched off at startup so had a bit of a spring (autumn) clean today. I revisited the excellent instructions about using Mountain Lion with SF4 and checked that FontBook was disabled, no fonts in user/library/fonts no fonts in library/fonts . . . . HANG ON . . . library/fonts folder is full of fonts! What gives? I took them all out of there when I set up the Mac last January. They are still in the folder I moved them to.

So I deleted this set, cleaned the font cache, it did the restart and all is running like a well oiled sewing machine once more.

I decided I must be getting old and that I must have forgotten to remove the fonts from library/fonts after copying them to their new home last January. So then I went and checked my laptop (MacBookPro Mountain Lion) and lo and behold the same again. Now I’m really not that old and, if I say so myself, I’m pretty careful with this sort of thing. These font sets have been put back. How and when I have no idea but it’s happened.