Fonts not syncing between computers (desktop - laptop)


I’m new to Suitcase Fusion. I have it installed on both my laptop & desktop. I have logged in using my extensis account on both computers. I have 1300 fonts (in “system fonts” within suitcase fusion) on my desktop that I want to sync to my laptop, but it still only shows around 1000 fonts on my laptop (in “system fonts” within suitcase fusion). Any help would be appreciated.



System Fonts will show you fonts that you have installed in the operating systems font folder and are not actually available to sync via TypeSync.

To enable TypeSync you will need to create a new library and add the fonts you want to sync to the newly created library. You can then enable syncing via the File menu.

The System Fonts library can’t be modified as it displays the fonts installed in the OS and not fonts that have been directly added to Suitcase Fusion.

If you have any more questions please feel free to post them here or contact Technical Support team (https://www.extensis.com/company/contact-us/) and they can walk you through it.