Fonts not showing in Photoshop


I’ve been using Suitcase Fusion 4 for several months. I have the Extensis plugin for Adobe CS5 which allows me to access my fonts in SF.

Today, I cannot access them. When I open Extensis within Photoshop, rather than showing my fonts, and the dropdown that allows me to select “Google fonts”, “System Fonts” etc, it is all gray. (I’ve attached a screenshot)
In Illustrator, Extensis is not even opening at all.

I ran updated Font Doctor this morning, and ran a diagnosis, prior to realizing this was happening. But other than that, I’ve made no other changes on my computer today.

Any thoughts on troubleshooting this?

Thanks so much!


umm – nevermind :slightly_smiling:

I just opened support and this very issue is listed. extensis.com/support/knowled … -not-load/


Hey Everybody!

Sorry about this hiccup. It’s been addressed in the 15.0.5 update. You can get a copy by going here:

extensis.com/support/product … -fusion-4/

or if you had auto-update turned on in SF4, you’ve probably already seen the notification.