Fonts don't show in Applications


I just opened a couple of fonts and then I started Word.
The activated fonts don’t show up in the font menu.
I also tried Illustrator and InDesign CS5.
That’s actually not what I expected :frowning2:


Hi mat,

I see that you are using CS5 and, and since you are posting in the Suitcase Fusion 7 forum, I assume that is the version you have? CS5 is not supported in Suitcase Fusion 7. Suitcase Fusion 6 was the last version that supported CS5 and for more information on support please check out our Support Guide here.

In regards to Word, you can use global auto activation. Here is information for you on that. It’s not on by default and you can add applications as needed. Please keep in mind that this feature is a very general setting and it may not pick up every font accurately.

For precise control over fonts in the supported versions of the Adobe Suite, the dedicated plug-ins for the Adobe host applications are the way to go. They are managed in the Plug-in Manager and there is more information on managing the plug-ins here.


automatic activation is on and Word is listed. It’s anyway not working.

Can I use Suitcase 6 along or instead of v7, when I bought only the v7 license?

I was using Suitcase back in the old days (from MacOS6-9).
Later I didn’t need it anymore, as I"m mainly programming :wink:
Anyway I still do sometimes Layouts and then I need some font-managing, but I won’t update now Adobe Software or buy Quark.
It might have been naive to expect that suitcase would work the same way as v1 or 2 :wink:



Hi Mat,

Suitcase Fusion 6 would be an option for supporting CS5 as long as you are not running anything newer than OS X 10.6.8. Adobe doesn’t support OS X 10.7+ / CS5 and neither do we. If we are unable to support your current configuration, and you have purchased the product within the last 30 days, we would be glad to provide you a refund on your purchase which you can do by contacting Extensis customer service at info@extensis.com.


I wrote to Extensis, but I didn’t got any answer until now.
For deinstalling what I all need to remove besides the app itself?


I would recommend using the Mac uninstaller.


after I didn’t got any notice from Extensis, I wanted to give it another try, but it looks like my version was deregistered. So could you please shad some light onto that or send me a pm about what was or is going on?


Hi mat,

Our records show that you purchased and returned the product for a refund. The 30 day trial period is only valid for the 30 days following your first log-in to and it cannot be extended or reset. If you would like to try the product again, you are welcome to purchase a new license which can be returned for a full refund within the 30 days after your purchase.