Fonts do not autoload in Adobe CC


I have Suitcase Fusion 4 Version 15.0.6 (523), and Adobe CC. Fonts are not auto activated in any Adobe CC programs. I’ve checked the Manage Plugins drop down and CC versions of photoshop, illustrator and InDesign are not there. How can I get Suitcase Fusion to auto activate in my Adobe CC applications?


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Mac OS X 10.9.2
MacPro 2.66ghz Quad Core Intel Xeon
16gb 1066mhz DDR3 RAM
3 internal 2tb drives
1 internal 1tb drive
1 external 2tb drive
1 external 1tb drive
2x24" monitors


New plug-ins for Adobe CC applications were added with Suitcase Fusion 5. There are no Adobe CC plug-ins in Suitcase Fusion 4, which is why those application versions are not listed in your “Manage Plugins” list. Suitcase Fusion 4 qualifies for our upgrade pricing discount, but in short, you’ll need to upgrade for the new plugins. However, any font you activate manually from SF4 should be available to all applications on your machine, including Adobe CC apps.


oh nice. So I’m being forced to upgrade adobe apps, now I’m being forced to upgrade Suitcase.

feeling ripped off


If you regularly update your software and systems and are concerned about purchasing upgrades to Suitcase we have an ‘Annual Service Agreement’ that provides for all upgrades less than $30 a year. However, this isn’t available in the website store, but through Extensis sales teams.

However, as well as upgrade versions, we also release free updates that often add compatibility. For example, Suitcase Fusion 4 added support for Adobe CS6 plug-ins, and OSX Mountain Lion (in v15.0.3). Similarly with Suitcase Fusion 5, OSX Mavericks support was added after release (in v16.0.4). You can see our compatibility and which particularly versions and updates added support on the Suitcase Fusion Compatibility Guide page on our website.