Fonts automatically turning off


Having an issue with couple of the latest versions. Before anyone asks, I have already attempted to fresh/modify install multiple times, reboots, redo vaults, reinstall fonts, etc.

What happens is this- after having issues with some fonts, I manually installed (Windows Fonts folder) the Roboto suite, directly from Google itself. The fonts are marked for permanent activation (Green) and are working. I close Suitcase, go on my merry way; hours, or next day later, some Roboto fonts are simply deactivated. They are no longer in the Fonts folder, and they are no longer green. I can redo permanent activation which puts them back into the folder, however hours/day later, same exact thing happens. Including screenshot of folder; as you can see the other fonts in the suite are active and remain active. Only some fonts keep doing this; sometimes it’s regular/italic like in today’s case, sometimes it’s condensed regular or others. No rhyme or reason.

I have no clue what else to do or look for, as I feel like I’ve exhausted all my options. All I know is that this is the first time this has happened since I’ve used Suitcase throughout my life. Oddly enough, after purchasing 7 at my new job, these new issues are arising. Just as a sidenote, after last program update and Windows update, Suitcase is extremely sluggish often times needing tens of seconds to refresh pages/etc.

Win10 Pro x64, Creators Update


Thanks for your questions. From the screenshot shown, you have several of the same fonts (duplicates) with varying version numbers. If these fonts reside in your System folder, only your Operating System will determine which fonts get activated and which stay activated (Suitcase cannot override System Font activation by the OS). If you remove these fonts from your System folder and move them to the Suitcase Fusion application, we will be able to manage these fonts more efficiently.

If you need assistance with this process or have any additional questions, please contact Technical Support: https://www.extensis.com/company/contact-us/


Hi there,

I will try this again. I had it set up that way before, but it wasn’t activating the right fonts. I removed the regular Roboto suite from my libraries and are only using the Google Font repository ones for now.


Unfortunately I’ve been observing weird behavior recently in regard to this. I went ahead and did a completely clean install of the OS to clear up any potential issues, and while fonts are now staying activated, they simply don’t show up in other software after a period of time after Suitcase is closed.

When I open the program, I have to select the ones misbehaving, and manually deactivate and reactivate them for other software to recognize them properly. Any idea what can be looked at?


Fonts not displaying in certain applications can sometimes be traced back to supported font types. For instance MS Office only allows specific font types for use in their applications.

Another quick thing to try is to clear your Font Cache. Use Suitcase Fusion to clear the cache and try the applications and fonts again. It is suggested to quit the applications prior to clearing the cache and then re-opening after the process is complete.

Another issue could possibly be a bad font. If a font is misbehaving, we would suggest downloading a new version from the Font vendor and trying it again. Or, you can check font issues through applications such as FontDoctor.


While I understand the point, they work for a while, then stop working after Suitcase is closed, and I have already attempted to pull the fonts again; before I could respond to this however, Suitcase was updated and for now the problem is gone. We’ll see.


I´m having the same problem. If I restart my computer, all font still activated on Suitcase, but they don’t show on any app (Photoshop, Illustrator or Affinity Photo and Designer). Sometimes, the font still show on the menus, but selecting it makes the text simply disapear (or, in case of Photoshop, cause an error to appear).

To keep working, i need to open Suitcase, deactivate all fonts and reactivate.

Just reinstalled all my OS and apps this week, but the problem is still there.

Also using Windows 10 Creators Update.


Some additional questions:

  • Does this happen in other applications?
  • What version of Creative Suite or Creative Cloud are you using?
  • Are the fonts still showing as active (blue or green) in Suitcase? Or, did they activate and then deactivate?

  • So far, i´ve tested Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, and Serif’s Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. The problem is present on all of them… but on some (Affinity), the font just don’t appear on menu. On Illustrator the font is present on menu, but selecting it makes the text disapear… and on Photoshop, causes an error.

  • Creative Cloud and apps all updated to their lastest versions.

  • Fonts are showing as activated (green) on Suitcase. But for them to appear (or be usable without errors) no softwares, i need to deactivate and activate again.


Same exact symptoms as rbonelli in terms of software/versions, except in addition to CC, I use couple other programs that use the fonts I have activated like Help & Manual, Gimp, Office, etc.

Obviously those programs don’t have plugins for them, but when the fonts are green, I’m assuming they’re activated. I have to go through the same process of disabling/re-activating.


Restarted the PC just now, and upon opening Outlook, fonts aren’t working even though they’re enabled in Suitcase. Have to deactivate and reactivate.

This is getting to be an incredibly irritating process.


You may want to creating an Application Set for these programs. An Application Set is a set of fonts that will be activated temporarily when you launch a specific application.



The issue is that a lot of these fonts are utilized in many applications, not just one, so this is not a solution unfortunately.


I’m also having the same issue as @rbonelli. In fact, the reason I made this forum account is because I wanted to check to see if I was doing something wrong in the set up. I’m running a trial of Suitcase Fusion 7, and I wanted to test the font syncing between two computers. In both cases, I had extensive issues with the permanently activated fonts disappearing from my programs whenever I would shut down my computer and later turn it back on (didn’t always happen if I simply restarted). They always still show as green in Suitcase.

I tried a few troubleshooting steps, including disabling the auto activate features in Adobe Illustrator, activating the fonts and then restarting my computer, and finally I disabled the Google Fonts integration. The latter seemed to have resolved the problem on the first computer; unfortunately, after getting the program installed on my second computer, I discovered the problem was occurring even with Google Fonts disabled. Now, I seem to have it working properly, but I am honestly not sure what I did to resolve it, as I simply went through a process involving closing Illustrator, deactivating and reactivating the fonts, shutting down my computer, and turning it back on. I had to do this at least a couple times though.

I’m running Windows 10 Creators Update and Illustrator 2017.1.0. That said, from what I could tell it was affecting all of my programs, including Word and Photoshop, but Illustrator was my main testing program.


I’ve been having the same issue for the last month, I upgraded to Suitcase Fusion 8 and it’s still doing the same thing. The fonts will automatically turn off when I shut down the computer and restart it. Only way to make them come back temporarily is to deactivate any font from the library and re-activate it, then restart the computer. I have to do the same process every time and it’s getting really annoying! :rage:

I’ve been a suitcase fusion user for many years but this will probably be the last time I purchase or re-new this buggy software. :confused: