Fonts Automatically Turning Off/Disappearing


Hello, I’ve been having this issue since Suitcase Fusion 7. Every time I shutdown Windows 10, all of my fonts will disappear from the Windows fonts folder after I restart the computer. Even if they are activated inside Suitcase Fusion 8.

Only way to bring them back temporarily is to deactivate any font from the library, reactivate it and then restart the computer. I have to do this same process every time I shut down the computer and it’s getting really annoying!

Please help, I’ve already tried everything. Reformatted Windows 10, uninstalled/reinstalled Suitcase Fusion 8, uninstalled/reinstalled font sets, ect. :tired_face:


Hello there,
I have the same problem in regard of Suitcase Fusion 7. Is there already a solution for this problem? If so, I would very much appreciate if you could leave a information here in this forum.
Thank you in advance. Greetings!


Font activation issues can be difficult to diagnose at times. A couple of articles about activation issues and troubleshooting them can be found using the following links:

If these suggestions do not resolve or assist with your issues, please contact our Support Team using our trackable ticket system found here: