Fontpanel in AI and PS CS6 doesnt display fonts and dont scrolls freely


I have installed Sutcase Fusion trial lately and found that font auto activation is working perfectly in all CS applications,
Font panel is working normally in Indesign CS6 ( its a lot of fonts in a Font Vault) but in Photoshop and Illustrator overall poor performance makes Font panel unusable. Its almost impossible to scroll fonts, opening a Font panel plugin on runing
Illustrator makes CPU 8 to 10 percent running without any document opened (without plugin it uses 0% CPU). Im using CS 6 on a Windows 10 Creators Update. CPU is 2*Xeon E5402 processor 8 GB ram, GPU Nvidia GForce GTX 680 on a Dell Precision T7400 workstation. Does anyone can help me? Im considering buying Extensions Suitcase, but with problems its problematic to do so. Greets.


Thanks for your question. Adobe has discontinued support for all Creative Suite products on Windows 10:


We have encountered certain issues with these products working properly with our application plug-ins. We highly recommend updating to the latest versions of the Adobe Creative Cloud applications for full compatibility.

If you need font activation to be seen in these applications, we would suggest using the manual activation of necessary fonts for the Creative Suite in Windows 10.