Font Warnings in a Loop (InDesign CC)


Hi there,

we have been experiencing repeated Font Warning Dialogs from Suitcase in Indesign CS6 under OSX 10.6.8 for a long time, which could only be bearable when deactivating the auto-activation-Plugin. Some Documents had it more, some less, but at least once a day it had to be shut down.

Now we shwitched to new macs, macOS 10.12, InDesign CC and Suitcase 18.2.4. And still, those Things happen. I can understand that I get this Info once, I dismiss it and the document works just fine. But why over and over and over again with no new or different information?

I am sure you might need more Info to be able to give me a qualified answer, but I’d be more than happy to provide the info and would like to be able to locate the problem so that it can be fixed. Either in Indesign (unprobable), in macOS (even more unlikely) or in Suitcase, which is my favourite pick so far. Unfortunately, I have no clue what the problem is in the first place.

So any help with finding the solution is greatly appreciated.
Kind regards,


It is possible an incorrect version of the plug-in is installed in your Adobe application(s). Please use the following link to remove and re-install the plug-in:

You might also try turning off Pick Best Match… under the Suitcase Fusion Plug-in Auto-Activation Preferences (typically under the Type menu for Adobe applications) in your Adobe application:


If these suggestions do not resolve your issue, please contact our Technical Support Team using the link below:


Thank you for the response. Since we did no migration-stunt, buut freshly installed our system, our apps and everything (only the font vault has been copied), I cannot see that there might be an incorrect version of the plug-ins.

Pick best match is the first thing we turn off when installing this software, since we don’t need a similar solution, we need the exact font.

So I am going to try to contact support, if no other ideas arise here.
Thank you so far.