Font Vault Backup Tool


For the number of times I’ve had to stop and re-install/configure SF 2, 3, and now 4,
after getting the dreaded “…a serious issues detected with your Suitcase Fusion Font Vault…” message,
why haven’t you created a global backup tool?
So, once I get my SF4 set up with sets and fonts exactly the way I want it,
I can take a restorable snapshot for when, (and it will), SF4 becomes corrupt again?
Seriously, when?


I second those comments; I too have had the same problems after spending hours just getting my fonts into sets and groupings and then crash - only to start all over again.


If you’re copying fonts into the vault when you add them, then all the fonts, sets and other data is stored in the fontvault folder. Depending on the OS version your’e running, that would typically be somewhere like:

C:\Users<username>\AppData\Local\Extensis\Suitcase Fusion\Suitcase Fusion.fontvault.

There’s currently no built-in backup facility, but there’s nothing to stop you making a copy of that fontvault folder (ideally zipped for protection) using any number of third party backup tools, in the same way that people often backup other files stored at a user level. I’d just recommend that you ‘stop’ the ‘FMCore’ process before doing any backup as it’s best if the database is not currently in use by the application at the time you’re backing it up. If you want some kind of built-in backup feature, then you should submit a feature request on our main website.

Separate to that, if it’s just ‘sets’ that you’re bothered with, the software has the option File>Export Sets. It creates a set definition file (.sdf) that can then be used to File>Import Sets. So if you start with a clean font vault, add all the fonts to a library, then import that file, it automatically recreates all the sets you had made. That only handles sets though, so if you have multiple font libraries, you’d need to recreate each of those and add the appropriate fonts to each one. So if you do use more than one font library, it’s probably best to just backup the whole fontvault.